Mumbai City is the nerve centre for financial decision making in India. With its thousands of multinational companies, diverse real estate market, burgeoning financial services and insurance market, major financial and commodity exchanges, the city stands as a living laboratory. The attribute, therefore, which is most required in employees’ combines global knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and practical experience.

This has led to the need for more professional institutions that can impart management education in the country. Realizing the ever-increasing demand for management graduates, meeting the needs of business and industry in Mumbai, AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and the Government of Maharashtra has approved several management institutions to emerge or expand. H K Institute of Management Studies & Research & H K College of Pharmacy located in Jogeshwari (west) in Mumbai promises to establish stronger footprint through its programs (approved by AICTE, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, approved by Directorate of Technical Education Maharashtra)

The institute was established in 2006 with an elucidated vision that, ‘for student to be successful in the global market, they must not only understand the intricacies of business, but also know how to conduct business across cultures, borders and time zones.’ To succeed in international business, managers need to anticipate the political, economic and legal forces shaping the global economy.

An experienced Director, supported by a team of distinguished & committed faculty, heads the institute, which commands a vast academic and professional experience. We have very closely been associated with a large number of expert or specialists from the business world, who extended significant contribution to the Institute by educating our management student about the challenges and opportunities in the corporate world.

HKCP is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Building on its tradition of excellence, the College offers a well developed and modern program in Pharmacy education. As a private, independent, co-educational institution, Humera Khan College of Pharmacy offers to its students a unique opportunity to integrate theoretical and applied knowledge in the health professions; so that graduates become enlightened thinkers as well as competent practitioners. The College’s state-of-the-art laboratories along with the highly experienced and recognized faculty provide valuable hands-on learning and clinical skills for the students. HKCP can provide students with resources unmatched by any other institution, thus creating a highly stimulating and inspiring environment for learning.

Studying management at H K Institute of Management Studies & Research is, hence a challenging intellectual experience. We provide students with specialized knowledge in their chosen fields and hone their skills for challenging professional assignments including development of their proficient corporate skills.

The Institutes at the campus are run by Maharashtra Educational Society and is a sister concern of Oriental Education Society.