Mumbai City is the nerve centre for financial decision making in India. With its thousands of multinational companies, diverse real estate market, burgeoning financial services and insurance market, major financial and commodity exchanges, the city stands as a living laboratory. The attribute, therefore, most required in employees’ combines global knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and practical experience.

Our Campus established in the year is Located in Lokhandwala Complex where Bollywood lives (Actors, Film Directors, Film writers, Producers and most of the people who are working in Indian Film and Television Industry).

Most of NRIs Non-Resident Indians also live here. This area of Oshiwara or Lokhandwala complex has many Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Clubs, Jogging Parks, and Fitness Centers etc. Biggest Malls are on Link Road Oshiwara/Lokhandwala. Mega Mall is the biggest Mall in this area and is on New Link Road Oshiwara.

With universalization of education there is also a need for teachers. In order to make sure that quality education is imparted and educational standards maintained, teachers and teacher educators ought to safeguard and improve standard of training. The task ahead is challenging.

However our spirits are high and determination strong as we believe, everything depends upon our own efforts and our will to achieve, given that will, success is certain even though ill-fortune may sometimes attend our efforts.
It is our constant effort to transcend borders and push boundaries to pursue knowledge beyond the conventional. The progressive pedagogy makes the academic process an intellectually superior and enriching experience.