I benefitted a lot from my faculty members who were always cooperative.HKIMSR helped me to develop as a professional who can take up any change at any point of time.

Nimish Mokani, Asst. Manager HR | Future Group | MMS | 2012

It’s a place of knowledge & bliss. I feel special studying at HKIMSR. My dream came true when I received First Class in my 1st year exam which gave me confidence & changed my attitude towards studies; I cherish memories of my college and look forward to keep in touch always.

Pratik Desai, Auditor | ITC Maratha | MMS | 2013

The educational tour to Malaysia was an enriching experience for us that provided an opportunity to acquire insights from a different culture and relatively advanced economy.

Alamzeb Khan, Marketing Officer, Audi India | MMS | Class of 2012

The educational tour to Thailand was a revelation for me. The trip enabled us to learn about the facets of Thai culture that is so much similar to Indian culture in many ways.

Madhav Joshi, Asst. Store Manager, Marks & Spencer | PGDM | Class of 2013

The visit to famous Mysore Silk factory belt renowned for its Mulberry Silk saris and dress materials was an exhilarating experience. It was a rare opportunity for us to learn how one of the wonders of Nature is converted to mass commercial consumption.

Kritika Pandey, Chartered Accountant Intern | MMS | Class of 2012

We returned home from industrial visits with a broader perspective on production for captive consumption, traction, production and distribution in select segments of the Indian industry.

Prashob Nair, Education Executive, Macmillan Publishers | MMS | Class of 2013

The best practices shared during our interaction at Infosys Pune campus would definitely provide an impetus in improving efficiency, production and competency in our respective areas of industry engagements in the near future.

Ananth Iyer, Webpreneur | MMS | Class of 2013

Never ever thought that the coins that we hand over with such nonchalance may have a story to tell. During our visit to RBI Monetary Museum we discovered that every coin has a tale.

Amarjeet Rai, Professional Detailer, Procter & Gamble | MMS | Class of 2013

At the Panasonic Experience Center we were flabbergasted with the future technologies. It was a rarest of the experience to learn how technology is slowly changing our lives for the better.

Malay Dholakiya, Sales Officer, Saint Gobain Weber S.A. | MMS | Class of 2013